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Gift and Fund Management

Through a suite of financial tools, shared efforts, and skilled professionals, WFAA works to ensure gifts are processed promptly to respect the donor and continue the advancement of UW–Madison.

Best Tools and Practices

The WFAA Gift and Fund Management team provides a robust array of financial services, tools, and practices, including:

  • Processing gifts quickly and accurately to help ensure the donor’s intent. This protects the relationship with the donor and the campus’s responsibility in receiving the gift.
  • Providing fund services like providing direct fund approvals, ensuring fund intent is accurate, setting up new funds in our system. The university has a responsibility to collaborate to guarantee that the fund is what the campus wants, needs, and can abide by.
  • Reporting and evaluating funds to help UW–Madison makes better financial decisions about their budgets and money they have on key programs.
  • Reviewing funds through fund agreements to ensure they are being used or closing them when drawn down.

Donor Intent

Understandably, donors care about where and how their gifts are used. Thus, understanding donor intent is important to enhance and accomplish WFAA’s goals. For example:

  • To accept any gifts, documentation is needed to clearly communicate the donor’s wishes.
  • Honoring donor intent not only helps campus fundraisers work within the legal sphere, but also increases credibility with donors.
  • By following the donor’s intent and transferring donors’ gifts into funds, there’s potential to raise more money since the funds provide focus.

With this complex financial management system, the team relies on collaboration and a service mindset to meet the university’s needs.

Where We Can Help

From processing gifts to providing fund services, our team can help you manage donors’ gifts and manage the aspects of fund creation, maintenance, and disbursement to UW-Madison. Through the team, we ensure that donor intent for every gift is followed and matches their interests.

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