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The Case For Advancement

Philanthropy is a critical source of revenue for the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Now more than ever, the UW relies on private support and alumni engagement.  WFAA work with campus to build alumni affinity and secure philanthropic gifts to help the UW-Madison remain a top-tier university.

What is Advancement

Institutional advancement refers to comprehensive activities that foster support and affinity for a college or university. Advancement activities include alumni relations, development, communications, government relations, student engagement, and more. Strengthening relationships and building support among alumni and donors help advance our institution.


In this ever-changing economic climate, the ability to adapt and respond to sudden shifts without interrupting the service to students, faculty, and staff alike is incredibly valuable. WFAA’s ability to adapt helps UW–Madison achieve its mission and maintain its globally prestigious reputation.

Commitment to Diversity

Just as the university community benefits from differing viewpoints, perspectives, and experiences, inclusion and diversity are imperative for the success of our mission. WFAA values people and the differences that they bring to the organization, and creates an environment in which all staff members and constituents feel respected and have opportunities to thrive.

Learn more about how inclusion and diversity are imperative for the success of WFAA’s mission.

We work with campus partners to engage alumni and donors with the university. Together, we can help UW-Madison achieve its goals for the future.