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Use of One Alumni Place for Campus-Sponsored Advancement Events

Engaging Supporters,
Legal and Policy Requirements
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Last Updated: 08-27-2021


This is an overview of the policies related to One Alumni Place and the use of the space. All uses of the space must align with campuswide advancement priorities.

The Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association (WFAA) is pleased to extend its support for the shared advancement mission of the university and WFAA by offering the opportunity for campus partners to use One Alumni Place and related spaces for select campus-sponsored advancement events.

Availability for campus uses will be balanced with WFAA uses for alumni relations and engagement, Alumni Park visitor services, and other advancement purposes, and with WFAA capacity to support the requested use.

Eligibility and Policies

Eligibility and policies align with the WFAA Policies for Event and Registration Services for Campus-Sponsored Events, including the following:

  • The use must be an advancement, development, or stewardship activity, intended for UW alumni, donors, and prospects. Eligible uses are limited to:
    • Boards of visitors events
    • Donor-stewardship or gift celebration events
    • Dean/leadership-requested advancement or VIP activities
  • The event must align with departmental, divisional, and university advancement priorities.
  • There must be identified leadership from the campus unit to provide guidance and make decisions about the activity.
  • The timeline should allow for adequate planning and delivery of services.
  • Available spaces are One Alumni Place, the rooftop deck above One Alumni Place, and the outdoor classroom adjacent to One Alumni Place (photos below). Map.
  • See “Facilities, Services, Pricing” for recommended event formats.
  • Similar to other WFAA-supported events, all registration revenue collected must be deposited into a UW Foundation fund.

(To explore partnership with WFAA to present outreach programs, please contact our Engaging Supporters Team.)

Facilities, Services, Pricing

Use of One Alumni Place, the rooftop deck, and the outdoor classroom (weather/season permitting) may be requested for Mondays through Saturdays. Use of One Alumni Place can be combined with the rooftop deck or outdoor classroom.

Recommended event formats:

  • Receptions or mixers
  • Buffet-style meals
  • Speaker programs
  • Networking events (including breakfasts)



One Alumni Place (OAP)

Reception: 100–120
Seated dining: 72
Lecture style: 75

Rooftop deck (above OAP)*

Reception: 100–120

Outdoor classroom* (adjacent to OAP)

Reception: 85–90
Theater style: 80–90

All three locations
(e.g., reception on the deck and in the classroom, dinner in OAP)

See OAP capacities.

* Includes One Alumni Place as a rain location.

A $100 reservation fee applies to confirm a reservation. The reservation fee is not a deposit, and may not be applied to other event costs.

Reservations include:

  • Half-day/up to five (5) hours total access to the space (including setup)
  • The room or space “as is” with on-site furniture
  • One podium and up to 80 indoor-use chairs
  • Venue-related event planning
  • Venue staff on site for general assistance (including support for in-house audio visual, see chart below) during the reservation period

Additional resources are priced as .

Additional WFAA Venue Resources


Sound system and microphone (wireless, handheld or lapel) inside One Alumni Place

Basic (1 microphone): $60
Each additional mic (up to 3): $20

Portable smart TV (70″) on cart

$60 (Laptop not included.)

Resources from Wisconsin Union


Tables, folding chairs

6-foot table: $8
Cocktail table: $8
Oval dining table: $10
Folding chair: $3

WFAA will invoice you for the reservation fee and WFAA venue resources. Online registration services may be available via WFAA according to the WFAA Policies for Event and Registration Services for Campus-Sponsored Events, and charges may apply. To determine whether your payment to WFAA for these expenses can be facilitated by the university, please consult your dean/division business office.

The Wisconsin Union is the preferred provider of catering and event production support for One Alumni Place and related spaces. WFAA staff will coordinate event production resources (e.g., tables, chairs) from the Union. After confirming the space reservation with WFAA (below), you can work directly with the Union to arrange:

  • Catering
  • Bar service

The Wisconsin Union will invoice you directly for the catering and bar service/alcohol, plus any event production resources (e.g., tables).

For additional services or resources (e.g., parking and transportation, musician, floral service), you can make arrangements directly with vendors. Please consult with your WFAA event manager, who may be able to recommend vendors in some instances.


WFAA will take reservation requests up to a year in advance of the event date. We recommend you request your reservation at least eight (8) weeks prior to your event date. Complex events will require longer lead times. If your request is submitted less than four (4) weeks in advance, we may not be able to assist you.

Please submit a Project Request Form (PRF) to request a reservation.

  • Select “yes” to indicate that the project includes an event/meeting.
  • Check the box for event-planning services.
  • List “campus partner rental” with the space(s) you wish to reserve in the field labeled “Tell us more about your project.”

Only requests submitted via the PRF will be considered. WFAA staff are not able to discuss date availability without a submitted form. You will be contacted by WFAA staff shortly after submitting the form.

You may request specific dates or a date range (Mondays through Saturdays). Events that have flexible date options are more likely to be accommodated.

Please note: Reservations may not be available during fall Homecoming week or spring Commencement week due to WFAA’s involvement in these events.

Submitting a request does not guarantee space. A reservation is confirmed once an agreement has been signed, and the $100 reservation fee has been paid.

Cancellation Policy

Holds (no signed agreement)

  • Dates may be held for up to two (2) weeks without a signed agreement and paid reservation fee. Held dates that have not been confirmed with a signed agreement and reservation fee will automatically be released six (6) weeks prior to the event.
  • If we receive an inquiry for a date you have on hold, we will contact you, and you will have three (3) business days to confirm or release the date.

Confirmed Reservation (signed agreement with reservation fee)

Cancellation Timing


Cancellation takes place at least six (6) weeks before the event.

$100 reservation fee will be refunded less any actual event costs incurred by WFAA.
(You will be billed for any event costs incurred by WFAA in excess of $100.)

Cancellation takes place less than six (6) weeks before the event.

The reservation fee will not be refunded, and you will be billed for any event costs incurred by WFAA.

WFAA welcomes the opportunity to answer questions and provide clarification. For questions about the reservation process or assistance filling out the Project Request Form, please contact our Engaging Supporters Team.