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Online Giving Fund Request

Engaging Supporters,
Last Updated: 03-01-2024


This form facilitates requests to change the information and searchability of funds displayed in search results on You can request that a fund be removed, added, or its description edited. To request a giving URL that prefills a fund on, you can use our Giving URL Builder for funds that are already on, and our Giving URL Request form for funds that are not yet featured on the website.

  • If you intend to submit an add request, please search for your fund on to confirm that it is not already listed.
  • This fund can be made searchable again by submitting an add request through this form.
  • Please write a brief but compelling statement describing how donations to this fund will be used. This statement should summarize the impact that donors can make by donating to this fund.
    (maximum 255 characters)
  • Please suggest keywords, separated by commas, that you believe online donors are likely to use when searching for this fund on
    (maximum 90 characters)
  • If needed, please briefly state anything else we should know about your request.
    (maximum 120 characters)