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Request to Update Multiple ABE Records

Constituent Data,
Engaging Supporters
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Last Updated: 09-15-2021


Keeping an up-to-date database is essential to maximizing our effectiveness in Advancement for UW-Madison. If you would like to request that WFAA update multiple database records at a time, you may submit your request to WFAA via this form.

ABE (Advancing Badger Engagement) is the WFAA’s database of record for its advancement activity across in support of UW-Madison. We maintain the data, and that data is leveraged in communication lists and reporting that may be used for advancement efforts on behalf of UW-Madison for both WFAA and UW-Madison staff.

We must all work together to keep WFAA’s data accurate and relevant. Please help WFAA help you by ensuring that we have the most up-to-date and relevant information. If you see information that is outdated or inaccurate, please let us know by using this form. UW-Madison staff play an important role in maintaining the accuracy and quality of our constituent data. If you have fewer than 10 updates, you may submit requests to update them directly on the constituent record Contact or Relationship tabs in ABE CRM.

If you would like to update multiple records at a time, you may submit your request to WFAA via this form. You have 3 options for mass updates:

  1. If you have new or updated information about 10 or more constituents in the ABE database, you may submit a records update request.
  2. If you would like to tag the records of constituents that received a communication, you may submit a communications tagging request.
  3. If you have completed a Donor Acknowledgement Report (DAR) and would like for your acknowledgements to be appended to the appropriate revenue records by WFAA’s Gift Services team, you can upload a completed DAR.
  • United States
  • This can be whatever is intuitive to you. It will be incorporated into the details column of the communication tab on the constituents record, like the name of your newsletter. Ex. Letters and Science (L&S) Sift and Winnow Newsletter
  • If the communication is branded to include multiple organizations, select the entity that is the "lead" on the communication.
  • This is the date we will tag the constituents’ records in ABE as having been sent the communication.
  • Check only one
  • Let us know the channel of communication. Note that we cannot note phone communications at this time.
  • ABE IDs should be included in your submission. Please upload your list as a csv or spreadsheet.
  • Please upload your list as a csv or spreadsheet. ABE IDs are the best way for us to update the correct records. If you do not have ABE IDs or Employee/Campus IDs for the constituent records, you will need to include the constituents’ full name, email, and zip code in your file upload.
  • Please describe the source of these updates.
  • You can upload your completed Donor Acknowledgement Report (DAR) after following the instructions to properly fill it out.

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