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Interest Areas Glossary

Engaging Supporters,
Gift and Fund Management
| 3 minutes to read
Last Updated: 05-02-2022


This is a comprehensive list of Interest Area attributes, displayed as categories and subcategories, along with definitions, to help provide consistency in the application of interest attributes to data such as funds and events at the time of request.

Key Takeaways

  • For reference when completing requests for new funds, events and other marketing projects.
  • Consider as many interest area attributes as appropriate for your request; there is no limit.
  • Available as a downloaded attachment as options and definitions may evolve. Make sure you’re referencing the latest version.

When a new fund or marketing project is requested, users will encounter a section asking for the Interest Area Attributes which relate to the request. This glossary is a comprehensive list of options available for describing the interest areas which correspond to the new content area. Review the glossary and input all applicable attributes into the free text field on the request form. A WFAA colleague will confirm these and apply them in ABE along with other meaningful coding data.

A few examples of how this may be performed:

  • A new fund is being requested which provides assistance for research on the impacts of diabetes on the Native American population. The recommended attributes for this new fund would be:
    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – American Indian/Alaska Native
    • Healthcare – Healthcare Disparities
    • Healthcare – Population Health
    • Healthcare – Other (because Diabetes is a specific healthcare topic which doesn’t have a subcategory)
  • A large event like UW Now offerings often have guest speakers. If an event features faculty from L&S’s Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences Department as well as a professor from the Nelson Institute and a researcher from CALS, all talking about the UW’s impact on climate change education and research, the event have the following attributes recommended:
    • STEM – Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
    • Food, Agriculture & Nutrition – General
    • Environment – Climate
    • Environment – Conservation/Sustainability
    • And maybe, International Relations & Global Affairs – General

These are subjective decisions based on the best known information at the time of the request and should be comprehensive but not necessarily exhaustive. Use good judgement about the appropriate inclusion of subcategories, feeling comfortable using the General subcategory when not enough detail is known, or the Other subcategory when a specific topic not listed is covered. For any questions, please consult the WFAA team you are making the request of, and someone will be able to assist you.