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Donor Acknowledgement Report Job Aid

Constituent Data,
Gift and Fund Management,
Stewarding Donors
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Last Updated: 07-02-2024


With WFAA’s recent launch of a new financial system FAST and new CRM 4WARD, some of our articles may be out of date. We are working to make updates as soon as possible. Please contact if you have any questions.

The Donor Acknowledgement Report lists gifts to WFAA funds and detailed information about the donors for each gift. The report’s primary purpose is to assist those responsible for acknowledging donor giving. The report also provides a way to record acknowledgment activity in ABE CRM. The Donor Acknowledgement Report Job Aid is a quick reference for producing the report. More detailed instructions are available in the Donor Acknowledgement Report Complete Reference.

Key Takeaways

  • How to produce a Donor Acknowledgement Report
  • How to find additional stewardship resources

How to generate the Donor Acknowledgement Report

  1. Log into the Gift and Fund Management website.
  2. Use the Fund Reporting menu to access the Fund List/Information page.
  3. If necessary, use the Filter Fund List functionality to display the fund(s) you wish to include in your report.
  4. Select the fund(s) to include by checking the box in the first column.
  5. Below the list of funds, select the Donor Acknowledgement report and click the Submit button. You will be presented with a page of report options.
  6. After selecting/entering your report parameters, generate the report by clicking the Create Report button.

Report options include the following:

Date Selection Type

Two options are available:

Date Entered: Include gifts based on the date they were entered in the ABE CRM system. This is the recommended choice, and the default.

Transaction Post Date: Include gifts based on the date they were received by WFAA. Generally, this aligns with the date a person made their gift online or the date a gift arrived at the lockbox or WFAA offices.

Using Date Entered will ensure that you are shown all gifts entered for the reporting period.

Begin Date

End Date

The date range of gifts to include, following the criteria specified in the Date Selection Type field.

Minimum Gift Amount

Maximum Gift Amount

Limits the gifts to those having a dollar value equal to or greater/less than the value entered.

Constituent Type

Provides the option to limit the report to gifts from individuals or gifts from organizations. By default, all gifts are included in the report.

Exclude Tribute Gifts

Provides the option to not include gifts made in tribute or in memoriam.

List Alum from This School/College/Unit First …

For jointly given gifts, the donor who received the revenue credit is the constituent, and their partner is the spouse. Use this feature to indicate your preference if you want the alum from your unit listed as the constituent.

Report Type

A standard report contains information most frequently required to thank donors for their gifts. The expanded report contains additional information that may be useful when organizing your acknowledgments or personalizing a donor message.

· Standard‑Web displays a list of donor and gift information in your browser. When viewing the list, an “export” button is provided to email the standard report to you.

· Standard‑Excel will email you the standard report.

· Expanded‑Excel will email you the extended report.


When a Standard-Web report is generated, gift and donor information is shown in a table in your browser.

The table displays a subset of available gift and donor information. To view additional data related to a gift entry, click the entry’s Details link. Use the Export All Details to Excel button to have a complete standard Excel report emailed to you.

If you have requested an Excel version, you will receive an email that includes a link to download the Excel file. To download, you must be logged into the Advancement Hub website.

For a thorough description of the report contents, see the Donor Acknowledgement Report documentation in the Stewardship Toolkit.


The function of the Donor Acknowledgement Report is to identify donors and their gifts, and to provide the necessary information to thank them. Campus and WFAA stakeholders have collaborated to develop baseline recommendations to ensure consistency in stewarding donors. These recommendations are available in a central repository of stewardship resources, which is accessible via the Advancement Hub.

The Stewardship Toolkit provides stewardship samples and best practices. Use the data provided by the Donor Acknowledgement Report and resources available in the Stewardship Toolkit to make the most of your acknowledgement efforts.