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Badger Bridge Event Guidelines

Engaging Supporters,
Legal and Policy Requirements
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Last Updated: 08-27-2021


You can promote your event to alumni and students on Badger Bridge! Read these guidelines to learn what kind of events you can and cannot post on the platform.

Key Takeaways

  • You can promote public events to alumni on Badger Bridge.
  • You cannot promote private or membership-restricted events on Badger Bridge.

What is Badger Bridge?

Badger Bridge is an online, professional networking platform for UW–Madison alumni and students. It is designed to help Badgers make professional connections, find mentors, and explore their careers.

Who can be on Badger Bridge?

All UW–Madison students, alumni, and faculty/staff are welcome on Badger Bridge.

What types of events can be posted on Badger Bridge?

The following guidelines outline the types of events that will and will not be posted on Badger Bridge. We reserve the right to not post any event if we believe it does not meet our guidelines or is outside the scope of our audience.

General guidelines: The event must be for alumni and not require special membership or preconditions to participate.

Event TypeYes/NoNotes


Yes Athletic events, including corporate or professional athletic events, can be posted as long as they are tied to an activity such as a tailgate, game watch, or other celebration.

Athletic events with multiple instances will be grouped into one event (such as game watches).



Campus events will be posted as long as they meet the general guidelines.


YesChapter events, including volunteer events, social outings, career events, and the like can be posted.

Founders’ Day, Student Send-Offs, and Get Sett events will be posted for priority cities only (as determined by WFAA).

Councils/Boards of Visitors


No council meetings or board of visitor meetings will be posted.


No events that require a special membership or other preconditions will be posted. Exceptions are WAA-member events.

Private Dinners/Events


No private events will be posted.

Student-Only Events


Student-only events will not be posted. Exceptions are WFAA student events.



No trips or pre-trip receptions will be posted.
WFAA Yes WFAA events such as alumni learning, development, advocacy, and membership events will be posted as long as they meet the general guidelines.