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Stewardship Resources for Day of the Badger

Stewarding Donors
Last Updated: August 23, 2021


Check out our Day of the Badger toolkit to help with all your stewardship needs!

Day of the Badger 2021 is sure to be an exciting day, as Badgers from around the globe come together in support of UW-Madison. While the giving event runs from April 6-7, the undeniable impact will continue far beyond these two days. Central Stewardship is glad to come alongside you and your campus partners to ensure an exceptional donor experience—from the individuals inspired to make their very first gift, to the loyal philanthropists who have been supporting the university for years.

From acknowledgements to impact stories, stewardship is a crucial component of the donor experience. As you prepare to steward donors following Day of the Badger, we are pleased to provide you with a number of additional resources including this toolkit found in Box.

You may also view the recording of the Donor Acknowledgement Training from March 18th via LMS.