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WiSH — Lexicon Definitions

Stewarding Donors
Last Updated: 08-27-2021


WiSH requires a label for each scholarship that describes the scholarship type. Choose the label that most accurately describes the scholarship you are working on.

What to Add in the Auxiliary Fund Field

  • If it is a Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association (WFAA) fund, then the WFAA fund number will go into the auxiliary code field. Typically, the fund number is a nine-digit code starting with either 132 or 112.
  • If it is not a WFAA fund/scholarship, the lexicon for the auxiliary code field will include:
    • Trust: The Trust Funds Office is responsible for the administrative oversight of endowment and other investable funds entrusted to the UW System Board of Regents. These funds currently consist primarily of monies that have been gifted directly to a UW institution, rather than to one of the separate, supporting foundations. Typically the funding string for a trust fund starts in 161.
    • Award
    • Stipend
    • Direct pay
    • Discretionary
    • Graduate students
    • Non-competition award
    • Umbrella application
    • Payroll
    • Grant
    • Test: Test portfolios with non-stewardship-related information
    • Other: Anything not fitting into any of the categories listed above