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Parts of a Well-Crafted Statement of Impact

Stewarding Donors
| 5 minutes to read
Last Updated: 08-25-2021


An impact statement shows a donor how their fund was used in a given year. The impact statement should include a description of the fund, information about how the fund was used, how the gift has furthered our mission, and our appreciation for the donor.

[Description of the fund]

The L&S Faculty Fellows Program was established to recognize outstanding teacher researchers in two of the most meaningful ways possible: a prestigious named position and a discretionary fund to cover research and teaching expenses.

[State how the fund was used]

In 2008, Matthew Bershady, professor of astronomy, was named as your faculty fellow. Professor Bershady designed new filters for uncovering young stars born inside the dusty, thin layers of nearby galaxy disks. The support from this fellowship was like venture capital that enabled Professor Bershady to create novel instruments that form the core of his vibrant science enterprise. He is grateful for your support, without which he would not have had the opportunity for innovation and success.

[State how the fund contributed to our mission]

Your remarkable generosity and engagement have made an enormous difference to the Badger community. The continued excellence of the UW depends on friends such as you.

[State your appreciation]

Thank you for contributing your incredible expertise, philanthropy, and “U-Rah-Rah” for more than two decades.

Questions to Answer

  • How was this fund used over the year?
  • What have their gifts supported?
  • What were we able to accomplish because of their gift? (Number of students helped, research accomplished, etc.)
  • What new actions have we been able to take as a result of this fund?
  • What were the results of their gifts?
  • What is this gift doing to effect positive change at UW–Madison?
  • What does this fund do to implement our mission?

Things to Consider Including with Your Statement of Impact:

  • Note, profile, or quote from faculty recipient
  • Pictures or graphics that showcase how the fund was used