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Donor Revenue Report

Gift and Fund Management
| 5 minutes to read
Last Updated: 10-12-2023


With WFAA’s recent launch of a new financial system FAST and new CRM 4WARD, some of our articles may be out of date. We are working to make updates as soon as possible. Please contact if you have any questions.

The Donor Revenue Report lets you see donor revenue for one or multiple funds. This outlines how to access the report and what parameters are included in the report, once run.

Key Takeaways

Such information is confidential and may only be used in accordance with WFAA’s polices, including its data disclosure and confidentiality policies.

1. Log in to the Gift and Fund Management website.

2. Navigate to Fund Reporting > Fund List/Information.

3. Select the fund or funds for which you’d like to run the report.

4. Choose the “Donor Revenue” button, and click Submit.

Note: Your pop-up blocker must be turned off to run reports. If you do not see a report, please check to ensure that your pop-up blocker is disabled.

5. Options for the Donor Revenue Report will open in a new window.

The only required option is the date range; you can also set the minimum or maximum gift amount and whether the constituent was an individual or organization.

Click Create Report when you’ve selected the options for your report.

6. You can now scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the Donor Revenue Report.

7. You can also click the button on the right-hand side of the screen to export all the details to an Excel spreadsheet.


Parameter Name




Date Selection TypeDropdown selection of the date type to use to run the reportTransaction Post Date

Date Entered

The transaction post date is based on the date the donor receives credit for the donation.

The date entered is based on the date the Gift Services team entered the gift into the system.

This should only be the gift’s initial entry, not any adjustments made to the original gift.

Begin Date

The first date to pull into the report



End Date

The last date to pull into the report


The dates selected cannot be more than 365 days.

Minimum Gift Amount

The smallest gift amount to be included


Any gift less than $25 should not appear on the report.

Maximum Gift Amount

The largest gift amount to be included


Any gift larger than $1,000.00 should not appear on the report, including $1,000.01.

Constituent Type

The type of constituent record to include





Exclude Tribute Gifts

When selected, the report should not contain gifts associated with a tribute.

in memory of

in honor of

in celebration of

pet memorial

in support of

These gifts are made by a constituent who would like to recognize an individual, organization, or pet.

Report Details and Excel File

Field Name




Constituent ID

Unique identifier for an individual or organization in CRM system



Constituent Last Name

Individual or organization’s name


Fidelity Investments


Constituent First Name




Constituent Middle Name


Jessica or J


Constituent Alumni?

This field looks at the education information on the constituent and indicates if they are an alum or not.


It is based on the Alumni flag in the Data Warehouse.

Spouse ID

Unique identifier for the individual identified as the spouse of the constituent



Spouse Last Name

Unique identifier in the CRM system



Spouse First Name




Spouse Middle Name




Spouse Alumni?

This field looks at the education information on the spouse and indicates if they are an alum or not.


It is based on the Alumni flag in the Data Warehouse

Fund Number

Nine-digit number associated with the fund the gift was made to



Fund Name

Full name of the fund associated with the fund number

Department of Mathematics Annual Fund


Gift Amount

Full amount of the gift


This amount currently includes taxable and non-taxable values if the gift has any goods and services associated with it.
Transaction DateThe date associated with the gift shows when the donor received credit for the gift.12/31/2014


Revenue Transaction IDUnique identifier on a transaction in the Revenue module in ABE CRMpre-ABE: 3351249

ABE: rev-13454115



Indicates a gift made to honor an individual, occasion, or pet

In memory of Joe Smith, $25

Pet memorial, $50

There can be multiple tributes associated with a single gift. A comma separates them in a single field.

Matching Gift

Indicates if a gift is associated with a matching gift claim.


See Report Glossary for a definition of matching gift claim.

Recognition credit is “Matching Company” for the corporation and “Soft” for the individual who initiated the matching gift.

The information for each recognition credit appears on separate lines in the report.


Identifies the marketing appeal associated with the gift

Share the Wonderful


Payment Channel

Identifies the source of the gift

BBMS, Lockbox 807Please speak with our gift services department for a full list of payment channels.

Pledge Type

Identifies the type of pledge associated with the gift

Telefund Pledge, Fixed Term Pledge


Additional Information

Converted free text field from Strategy

In honor of Dr. Paul Harari

This field’s information varies from special instructions, tribute information, event information, gift transfer information, and various other notes.

No ABE gifts are using this field.