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Faculty/Staff Giving Policy/Guidelines (Overview)

Gift and Fund Management,
Legal and Policy Requirements
Last Updated: August 23, 2021


Updated to keep you safe!

Core Tenets

  • Gifts cannot result in “more than an incidental personal benefit” to faculty/staff member
  • Faculty/staff cannot create a fund for which they reserve the ability to direct expenditures because of their status as donor
  • Policy applies to spouses of faculty/staff
  • Consult the full policy and WFAA legal on specific situations

Acceptable Gifts with Specific Conditions

  • Donations of less than $2500 annually to an existing chair/professorship OR if gifts total more than $2500 annually, donor is precluded from ever holding the position
  • Donations to create a new chair/professorship provided the donor is precluded in writing from ever holding the position

Prohibited Donation Scenarios

  • Donations to create or support an existing research fund in the faculty member’s area of research
  • Donations by a faculty member to an existing professorship, chair, etc. while the donor is holding the position

Donations by Deans, Dept Chairs, Others

Individuals in positions of authority to direct expenditures from donor funds may not give gifts totaling more than $2500 annually to funds from which they may authorize expenditures for their own salary, travel, and other costs from which they directly benefit.