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Donor Recognition Preference Updates

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Stewarding Donors
Last Updated: October 11, 2023


With WFAA’s recent launch of a new financial system FAST and new CRM 4WARD, some of our articles may be out of date. We are working to make updates as soon as possible. Please contact if you have any questions.

WFAA has made clearer options for noting recognition preferences for donors in ABE and the Gift and Fund Management site.

WFAA is redesigning templates for MOAs, pledge agreements, and gift commitments. As part of this initiative, we have revised the options for recognition preferences for donors. We often have donors express a preference to remain anonymous, but their expectations for anonymity vary. Without further clarification, it is difficult to ensure we are honoring their preference. For this reason, we are providing clearer options that we can support through defined business processes and system options now available in ABE and the Gift and Fund Management Website.

Definitions and Considerations

We define private recognition as one-on-one acknowledgment and communication to the donor, such as a thank you note or acknowledgement from WFAA, related campus unit, or fund recipient.  Please note that Endowment Financial Reporting and other impact reporting is not considered private recognition, and instead is considered stewardship of the donor’s gift.  

In contrast, public recognition is defined as external or public-facing recognition of the donor’s gift. This includes naming on donor walls, honor rolls, announcements at events, and donor biographies for scholarships.

Options for Recognition Preferences and Anonymity

When a donor expresses interest in making an anonymous gift or not receiving public recognition, we now have the following options to meet the donor’s expectations:

  1. Both public and private recognition: To be used when the donor has not indicated a preference, or is comfortable with both public and private recognition.
  2. Only private, no public recognition: To be used when the donor does not want to be publicly recognized and acknowledged by WFAA, campus partners, or award recipients, but may be privately acknowledged. This is the most commonly-used recognition preference that we associate with the request to be “anonymous.”
  3. Neither public, nor private recognition: To be used when the donor does not want either public or private recognition or acknowledgment by WFAA, campus partners, or award recipients, but is comfortable with these entities knowing their identity.

There are several areas in Gift and Fund Management reporting that display these recognition preferences.

Donor Acknowledgement Report

The Donor Acknowledgement Report now includes a “No Public Recognition” tab. Users of this report can navigate to this tab to find any donors who prefer only private, but no public recognition, and properly acknowledge their gifts. Donors who indicated “Neither public, nor private” recognition are excluded from the report altogether. These preferences are derived from the preferences listed on  donors’ revenue records in ABE.

Fund Stewardship Report

The Stewardship Report Recipient tab in this report now includes a column “Recognition Preference,” which lists the preference that has been documented for the donor.

Fund Information Screen
Similarly, this screen also lists the preference that has been documented for the donor. To view this, search for a fund and click the “view” icon under Fund Details. 

Please email with any questions.