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Qualification Report Complete Reference

Constituent Data
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Last Updated: 09-15-2021


The Qualification Report is a self-service report used to query unassigned prospect plans to aid in managing development activity.

Key Takeaways

  • When to use the Qualification Report
  • What is included in the Qualification Report
  • How to generate the Qualification Report
  • Such information is confidential and may only be used in accordance with WFAA’s polices, including its data disclosure and confidentiality policies.

When to Use

The Qualification Report outputs information about unassigned prospect plans. The report returns any unassigned plan on which the selected development officer owns a past or future step. While named to focus on qualification activity, this report will also display stewardship, volunteer, and prospect manager strategy plans which, by policy, do not have plan managers assigned.

Given the variety of useful data points — such as capacity, likelihood, recent giving, opportunity information, and next/last interaction — fundraisers and development support can use this report to conduct plan maintenance and prioritization.

The report can be exported into Excel for easy sorting and filtering, and it can be viewed in ABE CRM or as a PDF.


If you wish to view your assigned plans — those that are in your portfolio — use the Portfolio Report.

What Is Included in the Report

The Qualification Report outputs all unassigned plans on which a specified user is the owner of a completed, pending, or planned step, including but not limited to the following fields:


Designed to help guide conversations about qualification activity. Possible outputs include:

  • Deceased — Mark Plan Historical
  • Potential DoD Assignment
  • Include “QUAL” in Plan Name
  • Overdue Pending Step
  • No Pending Step
  • QUAL Plan

Lookup ID

This is the unique ID used in the ABE CRM system. The report includes a hotlink that will redirect you to the constituent record in ABE CRM.

Deceased Flag

A Y/N indicator. Unless actions must still be taken, plans on deceased prospects should be made historical.


The geographic region as defined by address and the ABE regional definition

Disqualified for Site

Outputs the site for which the research and/or development disqualification note is applied and is still active (not end-dated). The site of WFA — Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association encompasses all UW sites and indicates a prospect has been disqualified for the entire organization. If several disqualifications have been made for a constituent, the sites will be listed in alphabetical order.

Plan Name

The name of the plan displays as a hyperlink to the plan in ABE CRM.

All active qualification plans (i.e., unassigned with a pending step) follow the same syntax: [SITE] [QUAL] [Plan Type]. The insertion of “QUAL,” indicates the prospect is in the qualification stage — interest and capacity are being confirmed. For example, a plan named “EDU QUAL Leadership Annual Gift” indicates that a prospect is being qualified for a LAG gift to Education.

Other unassigned plans appear as [SITE] [Plan Type]. For example: LET Major Gift, MED Volunteer, UWF Stewardship.

Plan Group

While uncommon, the plan group feature allows DoDs to view plans that have specific attributes associated with a WFAA initiative, e.g., “Legacy Project” or “LET A-RATED Project.” Selecting “All Plans” allows you to see your active unassigned plans that fall under the parameters you choose. Selecting a specific plan group will limit the output to plans that contain the selected attribute.

Planned Gift/Interest

A “Y” will populate under the Planned Gift column if the constituent has a planned gift on record. A blank field indicates that the constituent does not have a planned gift on record.

A “Y” in the Planned Gift Interest column indicates that the constituent has responded positively to a planned-giving survey question.

Prospect Status

Indicates whether a constituent is a VIP-level prospect or has been marked as “Not a Prospect”

Plan Type

The plan type — such as Major Gift, Leadership Annual Gift, or Gift Planning — indicates the intended and current type of development activity with the prospect.

Plan Stage

Indicates where the plan falls on the advancement continuum, based on the stage indicated on the most recent contact report associated with the plan

Plan Site

The site associated with the plan, e.g., EDU — Education. This field will return “multiple (x),” where X is the number of sites, when more than one site is attached to a prospect plan.

Ind. GCR

Returns the individual gift capacity rating, which is an estimate of a prospect’s ability to give a gift of a certain size, payable over a five-year time frame


Returns the household gift capacity rating, which is the largest individual gift capacity rating of both household members

Recent Gift to UW (Amount, Date, Site)

Returns details related to the most recent gift to WFAA

Recent Gift to Site (Amount, Date, Site)

Returns details related to the most recent gift to the unit selected in the report parameters

Likelihood MG Rating

Returns the predictive model score that indicates a prospect’s likelihood to make a $25,000+ gift

Likelihood LAG Rating

Returns the predictive model score that indicates a prospect’s likelihood to make a $1,000–$24,999 gift

Likelihood PG Rating

Returns the predictive model score that indicates a prospect’s likelihood to make a planned gift

Composite Priority Score

A combination of likelihood and individual gift capacity intended to help a user prioritize a prospect among a group of prospects. Higher composite priority scores should be prioritized first.

Last Step Fields

Displays details related to the last completed step on a plan. If no step has been completed on the plan, the fields will be blank. Only contact reports will be returned by these fields.

Next Step Fields

Displays details related to the next step on a plan. All step types (including staff tasks) will display in these fields. If these fields are blank, then no future step exists on the plan.

How to Generate the Qualification Report

  1. Log in to ABE CRM.
  2. On the navigation bar, click WFAA Reports.
  3. Click DEV — Prospect — Qualification Report.
  4. If necessary, select the applicable Plan Group. To see all plans, select All Plans. (Most plans do not have a plan group associated with them.)
  5. Select the Fundraiser.
  6. Select whether or not to Include Preferential Seating Gifts (only affects data pertaining to Recent Gift to UW columns).
  7. Select applicable Unit (only affects data pertaining to Recent Gift to Site columns).
  8. Select applicable Department (only affects data pertaining to Recent Gift to Site columns).
  9. Select applicable Prospect Status.
  10. Select Excel-Ready Formatting.
  11. Click View Report.

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