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My Prospect Alerts — Recently Marked Deceased

Constituent Data
| 2 minutes to read
Last Updated: 09-15-2021


The self-service reports in My Prospect Alerts — a tab on the My Fundraiser page — provide accurate and timely information for development officers related to both their assigned and unassigned prospects. This guide explains how to use the Recently Marked Deceased subtab.

Key Takeaways

Such information is confidential and may only be used in accordance with WFAA’s polices, including its data disclosure and confidentiality policies.

When to Use

The My Prospect Alerts — Recently Marked Deceased Report outputs a list of all prospects for a defined date range that have been marked deceased.

The output includes all prospects for whom a user is a plan manager (primary, secondary, secondary solicitor) on an active plan, or an owner or additional solicitor of any interaction in the last 12 months or any step in pending/planned status.

This is a self-service report available to WFAA development staff and campus users who have the prospect and plan management role and have agreed to maintain the information’s confidentiality and to use it only in accordance with WFAA’s polices, including its data disclosure and confidentiality policies

The report is only available to be viewed online and cannot be exported to any other format.

What Is Included in the Report

The My Prospect Alerts — Recently Marked Deceased report outputs the following fields:

Lookup ID

The unique ID used in the ABE CRM system. The report includes a hotlink that will redirect you to the constituent record in ABE CRM. ABE CRM login is required.

Constituent Name

The individual constituent associated with the Lookup ID

My Prospect Role

The current user’s role with the prospect and the constituent’s relationship to the prospect as appropriate

Examples include:

Prospect Manager or Prospect Manager/Participant — Spouse

Primary Manager or Primary Manager/Participant — Spouse or Primary Manager/Participant — Key Influencer

Secondary Manager or Secondary Manager/Participant — Decision Maker

Interaction Owner or Interaction Owner/Participant

Death Date

The actual date the constituent died

Marked Deceased Date

The date the death was entered into ABE CRM

How to Generate the Report

  1. Log in to ABE CRM.
  2. On the navigation bar, click Prospects.
  3. Under Prospect Management, click My Fundraiser page.
  4. Select the My Prospect Alerts tab from among the tab options (you may need to scroll to the far right).
  5. Click the Recently Deceased subtab on the red bar.
  6. The Start Date will default to a date two weeks prior to today’s date, and the End Date will default to the day before today’s date. You may edit the date range. Then click the View Report button on the far right of the tan bar to see the constituents recently marked deceased in the date range specified.

Note: The Fundraiser field defaults to the current user and may not be edited.