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How to Work with Prospect Plans

Engaging Supporters,
| 3 minutes to read
Last Updated: 08-26-2021


Some ABE users have the ability to work with prospect plans. This page provides information on adding the prospect functionality to a constituent, as well as adding and maintaining prospect plans.

Key Takeaways

This guide helps you know how to:

  • Add a prospect
  • Add a prospect plan
  • Edit plan names
  • Assign plan managers
  • Add an opportunity to a plan

What Is a Prospect Plan?

A prospect plan is functionality for tracking substantive interactions with a prospect, related to a specific solicitation.

How to Add a Prospect

  1. Log in to ABE CRM.
  2. Search for and select your constituent or organization record.
  3. If they do not display a prospect tab, you will need to make them a prospect.
  4. From the ABE home screen, navigate to the Prospects menu located in the banner at the top of the screen.
  5. Under the Prospect Management section, click the Add a Prospect link.
  6. Enter the constituent information in the first field or use the search function.
  7. Leave the Prospect Manager field blank.
  8. Leave the Prospect Manager Start Date field blank.
  9. Skip all other fields and select Save.

How to Add a Plan

  1. Log in to ABE CRM.
  2. Search for and select your constituent or organization record.
  3. Navigate to the Prospect tab — then to the Plans subtab, just below on the red bar.
  4. Review current plans. If an unassigned plan exists for your site, simply begin working it; otherwise move to step 5.
  5. Click the Add button.
  6. Choose Add major giving plan.
  7. Fill out the plan name: SITE QUAL PLANTYPE (e.g., EGR QUAL Major Gift or HEC QUAL Gift Planning).
  8. Choose plan type to correspond to your intended cultivation (e.g., Major Gift, Leadership Annual Gift, Gift Planning).
  9. Enter today’s date for start date (hit F3).
  10. Choose the site associated with the cultivation effort. Multiple sites may be selected.
  11. Provide a brief narrative (feel free to keep it simple initially; you can always add more later).
  12. To link a household together, add a spouse as a plan participant. There should not be a primary manager on a QUAL plan.

How to Add a Primary Plan Manager (make an assigned plan)

  1. Log in to ABE CRM.
  2. Locate the plan you want to work with.
  3. Select the plan, and then choose Edit primary manager from the left Tasks menu.
  4. Search for the name of the primary manager.
  5. Add today’s date as the start date.
  6. Select Save.
  7. Select Edit plan details from the left Tasks menu.
  8. Update the plan name in the pop-up window by adding the first name and last initial of the primary plan manager in ALL CAPS (e.g., EGR QUAL Major Gift becomes EGR KYLEB Major Gift).
  9. Click Save.

How to Add an Opportunity

  1. Log in to ABE CRM.
  2. Select the plan you want to work with.
  3. Select the Opportunities tab in the plan.
  4. Click the Add button.
  5. Enter the status; an opportunity is Qualified until an ask is made. Then the status is Response Pending, Accepted, or Rejected. Use Canceled if a qualified opportunity becomes invalid.
  6. Enter an Expected ask amount.
  7. Enter a percentage Likelihood that the gift will close.
  8. Enter an Opportunity type that matches the use most closely.
  9. Enter an Expected ask date.
  10. Enter a Designation — searching for an existing fund number or searching for “Qualified” in the search form and choosing a holding fund for the appropriate site. Multiple designations may be entered if the gift will be distributed.
  11. Reflect the appropriate amounts and types for each line. Most often, the type will be “not applicable.” Consult a WFAA team member for more guidance if needed.
  12. Click Save.
  • Opportunities can and should be edited as more information is known through cultivation.

How to Make a Plan Historical

  1. Log in to ABE CRM.
  2. Locate the plan you want to make historical
  3. Select the plan, and then choose Edit plan details from the left “Tasks” menu
  4. Update the plan name in the pop-up window by adding the date of the most recently completed step to the end of the plan name (e.g., LAW ERICS Major Gift becomes LAW ERICS Major Gift 9/2/2020)
  5. Click Save.
  6. Return to the Tasks menu and select Make historical if you no longer plan to work with the prospect or Make historical and add a new unassigned plan if you intend to continue working with the prospect on a new solicitation.
  • If there are any pending or planned steps on the plan, those will need to be canceled before the plan can be made historical.
  • If there is an opportunity in Qualified or Response Pending status, it will need to be updated to Accepted, Rejected, or Canceled in order to make the plan historical.