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Event Categories in ABE

Constituent Data,
Engaging Supporters
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Last Updated: 09-15-2021


Event Categories reflect the general program area or purpose of an event. This item includes a full list of categories and their definitions.

Key Takeaways

Such information is confidential and may only be used in accordance with WFAA’s polices, including its data disclosure and confidentiality policies.



Advocacy Activities that educate/inform/activate alumni on key policy and higher education issues
Affinity Group Activities initiated by external alumni affinity groups, usually based on student involvement. Examples include Alumni Band, and House Fellows, Spirit Squad, etc.
Alumni ChaptersEngagement event (social, enrichment, sendoff, etc.) lead and sponsored by alumni chapters. NOT including chapter-sponsored volunteer activities. Those would fall under Volunteer.
Alumni Park (INACTIVE)Original programming (social, enrichment, fundraising) initiated by Alumni Park Team. Does not include activity of existing programmatic areas taking place in Alumni Park. This category is no longer in use. It does appear on events prior to 2019)
Athletic EventOrganizationally-sponsored events around athletic events, including Day-of-Game, Huddle, Home Field Advantage, or other athletic events. NOT for single game tickets or athletic events with a primary focus of stewardship.
Athletic TicketsSingle game ticket sales (not for Wisconsin Club or Chancellor Suite).
Athletic Travel ProgramAthletic Tours (not Day of Game, Huddle or other events associated with these trips).
Award/Recognitions/Scholarships Activities that celebrate and acknowledge individuals and achievements (e.g. Alumni Awards, scholarship receptions)
Board/Committee Meeting Campus Boards of Visitors, WFAA Board, WAA President’s Advisory Council, committee meetings/events.
Campus AdvancementWFAA led activities for the benefit of campus partners, including informational meetings, Lunch and Learn and ABE refreshers.
Career/Networking Activities focused on career networking, career resources, mentoring, and professional connections.
Commencement Initiatives related to UW student spring and winter commencement.
Comprehensive CampaignWFAA-wide sponsored campaign events (pre, launch and encore), not campus-unit specific.
Development/CultivationEngagement activity with the primary purpose of identifying prospects / donors or raising funds for particular WFAA fund groups. Could include campus unit events related to the comprehensive campaign.
Diversity and InclusionActivities initiated with the Diversity team at WFAA and in partnership with campus partners with the purpose of informing and connecting alumni of color and all alumni around diversity initiatives.
Donor/Member StewardshipActivities that recognize groups of constituents through special opportunities (e.g. BHS Luncheon, Wisconsin Club, WAA member events)
Enrichment/Alumni Learning

Local and regional activities featuring UW faculty and focusing on content.

Founders’ DayAnnual, WFAA-sponsored event which brings UW faculty, staff and/or alumni speakers to chapter events, usually during spring semester.
Giving Societies/StewardshipActivities (social and enrichment) for established donor giving societies such as Bascom Hill Society, Van Hise Society, 1848 Society, Middleton Society.
Grandparents UniversitySelf-named. Three sessions of Grandparents University and associated, organized committee and volunteer meetings.

Events and activities around Homecoming

International Alumni Relations

Engagement activity occurring overseas, sponsored by WFAA, the university and/or international alumni chapters.

In-State RelationsWFAA driven initiatives and programs that educate/inform/activate alumni in the state of Wisconsin to advance support of the UW.
Regional AdvancementWFAA driven initiatives and programs that are designed with, and support campus partner and development priorities in key regional areas.
ReunionsClass or affinity group reunions (e.g. Daily Cardinal, All Nursing Alumni Reunion, 50th Class Year)

Activities that celebrate a milestone or special moment in time, including campus building groundbreaking or grand opening

Students and Recent GradsEvents and activities with the primary audience of student and recently graduated alumni.
VolunteerParticipants in organization or chapter-sponsored volunteer activity (tagged as Volunteers rather than Participants). Also, alumni who have signed up / created profiles in the volunteer module.

WAA Travel Brochure Request

Transactional only. For people who have requested information about travel programs.
WAA Travel ProgramParticipation on WAA-sponsored, international and domestic, non-athletic trips and travel events (i.e. Traveler Reception).
WAA/UWF Corporate Staff meetings & celebrations