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Chancellor’s Prospects and Other VIPs: Policy

Legal and Policy Requirements,
Stewarding Donors
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Last Updated: 08-31-2021


This policy’s goal is to improve coordination, communication, and management of VIP prospects for major gifts to the university. Further, we hope to maximize the philanthropic investment with UW–Madison through active collaboration of WFAA staff and campus partners.

Guiding Principles: UW–Madison’s most important prospects benefit from strong coordination. It is important that development leadership be aware and knowledgeable of cultivation milestones, as leadership is in frequent communication with these VIPs.

Coordination: WFAA’s principal gift prospect manager program seeks to improve coordination and strategy for these prospects by designating one individual who is responsible for coordinating the execution of that strategy across all fundraising units (including central and medical development). The overarching goal is to increase philanthropic support of the university’s top funding priorities, including those of schools/colleges and the health system.

The Prospect Manager will act as the point of contact when requesting plans or solicitations for these constituents. Individual plan managers will work closely with the Prospect Manager to execute a strong comprehensive development strategy. If a prospect does not have a Prospect Manager, development directors should still coordinate and collaborate with colleagues.

Visibility: A label (prospect status) will display on the prospect page of a constituent to alert staff that this individual is a member of one of these VIP groups. Spouses and associated family foundations and/or companies will all have the same prospect status and Prospect Manager. Because only one label can be applied, they will work as a hierarchy. A Chancellor’s Level 1 prospect may also be a part of the WFAA Board or VHS; however, their group will reflect the Chancellor’s Level 1. Similarly, if an individual is a WFAA Board member and also a VHS member, their group will reflect WFAA Board.

Additionally, the name of the designated Prospect Manager responsible for coordination is visible on the prospect page.

VIP groups:

Chancellor’s Prospect, Level 1

These constituents are the university’s top institutional prospects.

The creation of plans with these prospects will be coordinated through the director of principal gifts. All solicitations with this group must ultimately be approved by the chancellor and WFAA president.
Chancellor’s Prospect, QualificationThese high-capacity prospects are not yet engaged with the chancellor, but the chancellor may be key to opening doors for engagement or broadening/deepening engagement. Solicitations should be vetted through the principal gift work group.
VIP Principal GiftThese are principal gift prospects without a “Chancellor” status. Plan creation for non-chancellor prospects may proceed without notification or approval of key leadership. Solicitations should be vetted through the Principal Gift team.
WFAA Board Members

WFAA board members are highly engaged with development leadership, and careful coordination in their cultivation is essential. As such, the WFAA president will be made aware of all major gift solicitations.

Van Hise Society Members

These donors qualify for the Van Hise Society. No special action is necessary, but reach out to the Principal Gift team if you have any questions.